Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Well here we are...we have entered November! And so far it's off to a great start! I worked my first ever Thirty-One party and it was quite successful! I earned a paycheck, my hostess earned a bit of free product, plus half off items and hostess exclusives! And I was able to also earn TWO free products myself through the incentives program! That's awesome! Now I just need to sell $200 more of products because the 16th in order to get the incentive that I really, really want! So if anyone wants to order anything, they make GREAT gifts and will be here well before Christmas! You can even personalize them! 

Last night, Renee and I went out to Waterford to go find Sophia some shoes for Canada, and a few footed 12 month sleepers as well. We found her a cute, cheapish pair of fuzzy boots that look like mine, and 3 fuzzy sleepers. So hopefully that'll be good for her. And the weather was fantastic and they even had Christmas music playing! It was wonderful! It felt like the holidays and have me in a super fantastic mood! :)

This morning we got up and went to vote! We didn't even have a line. We walked in, signed in, voted and left! :) Now the plan is for David to go mow at his parents' house and then try to get the dogs finished with their haircuts and whatnot so that we can take them in for shots. 

Then a week from today is David's birthday! Yay! :)

Then the following Thursday is Thanksgiving! And then two days later it will be our 6 year (married) anniversary! :) Busy month! And then it's December which will be even busier!

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