Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Months!

Wow! My sweet baby girl is 7 months old already! They literally are passing in a blink of an eye. She is currently 16 lbs., and is (I'll measure tomorrow) inches long. She has learned to do so much this past month! In addition to her baby food feedings, she's started eating little cereal puffs, and not only now chewing them, but feeding them to herself! 

(Sophia feeding herself cereal puffs)

She's also sipped water from a regular cup a few times! She's gained TWO teeth 

as well as learned to crawl in the span of two days! It was insane! Now in addition to not being able to slow her down now that she can crawl, 

(Sophia crawling around getting into trouble)

she's also constantly pulling herself to standing on EVERYTHING! 

She's even let herself go and just stand on her own for a few short moments on a few different occasions now! She waves a lot now, plays our own version of peek-a-boo, and can say MAMA!! She is such a big girl, and so dang smart!

We've David's also been trying to get her to finally sleep in her own bed and to get to sleep without me having to nurse her until she's asleep. So far it's been tough. I think we're on like day 5 of attempting it. Unfortunately, I'm not much help in this scenario because anytime she cries I want to pick her up and cuddle her, and when I can't and have to hear her cry, I end up crying too. :(

(Sophia hanging out in the crib Daddy made her)

(Making sure Auntie doesn't try to steal her cereal puffs)

(Sophia's first post-birth Olive Garden outing)

(In her super cute PJs)

Unfortunately, with all the new skills she's learning, she's also been managing to make new boo boo's as well. She's ended up with a few bruises and goose eggs because she keeps bumping into things or occasionally slipping and flopping her head onto something not soft. It hurts me a little, but sadly I can't protect her from everything. :(

(Playing in the bath with Dad)

We also welcomed another cousin into the family! 

And celebrated another's birthday!

And in more somber news also dealt with my dad (Sophia's Papa) being in a pretty nasty car accident.

Luckily, somehow he was mostly okay. He was airlifted to the hospital but had minor injuries, but is now back in with clots caused by the accident. :(

So there's been a lot of ups and downs this month, but all in all it was pretty good, and it just reminds us once again to be grateful for the family that counts. 

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