Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Onward and Upward..

The past few days have been good ones. :) Outside of needing the Dr. things have been going rather smoothly. Sunday Renee and I headed to Waterford in search of a new bathing suit for Sophia for our day trip to Ft. Lauderdale in a week and a half. After much searching, we're pretty sure we found one we like, but may need to exchange it for a size up, because in a week and a half, Sophia will be 6 months old, but has been in 9 month clothes for the past month because she's so tall. However, the bathing suit that is 9 months, says up to 27.5 inches, and she was 27 inches a few weeks ago, so it looks like I may need to move her to a 12 month one already! That's crazy! 

Monday Sophia and I hung out, and watched The Notebook with Renee and Dustin, and I made some yummy fudge. 

Yesterday was super productive! David and I got my craft room pretty much cleaned up and relatively organized. We even made room for my desk! :) I got laundry done, made italian chicken and pasta for dinner, got a shower and Sophia got a bath too! I also got dishes done, organized the kitchen a little better, and got the majority of the infinity scarf that I'm making for Renee, finished. :) 

Today is more of a lazy day. The weather is crappy, but amazingly, I'm still in a pretty good mood. I actually got to sleep lastnight as compared to the night before. Sophia and I got up, and I put her on her playmat, which she's loving the heck out of now, and put on some PBS so that I could heat up some apple cinnamon oatmeal for me and some hot orange tea. Got laundry going, and probably going to work on the scarf some more in a bit. Later this afternoon, I'm meeting up with two moms from the Mommy Market, and then probably gonna swing by my parents' this evening. :) 

I'm trying to bit by bit get the house cleaned up and organized a little more. Friday I'll be getting an exersaucer for Sophia so occupying her will be hopefully a little bit easier. I can't wait! 

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