Saturday, June 30, 2012

5 Months:

Wow! Can you believe it!? My sweet baby girl is already 5 months old! Man, they don't lie when they say it just flies by! Not only is she getting older but boy is she growing, and FAST! Unfortunately, I didn't get her current weight yet, but she's still rather skinny (minus her chunky thighs) but boy is she LONG! We've already had to move her out of all but maybe four of her 3-6 month outfits and sleepers and into 6-9 months because she's too long! At first it was just the sleepers because of her long legs, but now her torso has caught up and we can't snap the bottoms! Craziness! 

She still continues to amaze me every single day! She just personality for weeks! Who knew that someone so small could pack so much personality. She's such a sweet, happy, loving little girl. 

This month she attended her second baby shower to welcome in another new cousin! :)

(With Aunt Birgitt at Aunt Meredith's Baby Shower)

(Being loved on by cousin Lynae at Aunt Meredith's Baby Shower)

(Peace out man!)

She also went swimming for the first time in her very own covered baby pool! I have no doubt that we will end up with a water baby very soon! She's taken so much her baths, and seemed to rather enjoy her pool time!

She got to experience a carrier! Which has been amazing for both David and I, and she LOVES it! She thinks she is a baby kangaroo and loves to look at herself in it. 

And we got to celebrate our very first, very own, Father's Day!! Unfortunately, we didn't get to do too much because David had to work that afternoon, but before he had to leave for work, we got together at my parents' house for a little lunch cookout, which was really nice. His present is that he gets to go take a 1-2 day rifle course in October that he'd been wanting to go to. 

(With Daddy on Father's Day!)

She's also started to play more with her crib toys, and mirrors. 

She is now 27 inches long, 15.2 lbs! She can roll not only from back to tummy, but from back to tummy and back again! She can sit by herself unassisted! She holds toys and rattles and stuffed animals. She is teething and chewing on EVERYTHING still. Nothing is off limits including my face. She's also started this funny thing where she scrunches up her nose and starts sniffing. :) It's soooo freaking cute! And when I put her in her pack n' play, if I put my hands down, she grabs them, pulls herself to sitting position, and then pulls herself up to standing!! She stands as often as she can when you're sitting down and she's on your lap. She'll try to scale you and even tries to hop. It's kind of funny. I can't wait to see what this new month will bring!! 

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