Sunday, May 13, 2012

My First Mother's Day

Today has been great! I woke up to David doing a happy dance in the bedroom, holding a card. It was a very sweet card. Then Sophia woke up and he gave me my present! (A beautiful pair of white gold yellow diamond earrings). Then we got up, and began the process of getting ready. We headed to my parents', where he grilled some delicious chicken, in addition to the ribs he made last night, and we had a big family cookout lunch. :) I got a huge thing of diapers and wipes, three outfits for Sophia, a birthstone charm for my bracelet and a future shopping spree for post-pregnancy clothes! (Since even my pre-pregnancy jeans are now falling off me!) I am definitely the luckiest mom/daughter/wife in the world! I love my family so much!!

Now, the extended family has gone, and David has headed to work. Now begins the start of "girl's night!" Mom, Renee, Sophia and I are going to watch "The Vow," "New Year's Eve," and "It's Complicated!" I can't wait! 

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