Thursday, August 18, 2011

Start Of Classes:

Today David and I went to the Dr. for my 16 week checkup. They did the basic checkup, and we got to hear the heartbeat again (well I did, he was too busy talking to hear it). We also started our free classes that are offered to us, where we get to meet with a small group of other ladies/couples that are due around the same time. It was really nice. I know of two of them, and it went really well I think. As we got ready to leave, I wanted to verify with the front desk that I am in fact scheduled for my ultrasound next month like they'd said. As it turns out, the 15th is just the next class/normal 20 week checkup, and I didn't have my ultrasound set up. So here I am anxious thinking that since I didn't get it done earlier that now it'd be later before I'd get to have it done. Low and behold, it's a week earlier! So I go back on the 8th for my ultrasound, and should (most likely) find out the gender! So freaking excited! 

Afterwards we headed to Dave's for some hot dogs with our Canadian friend who is in town. It was nice to get to spend a little bit of time with him before he heads back next week. That, and really? What's better than a nacho dog? Then we had to stop at the lab to get my blood taken (3! vials) in order to do the prescreening test thing that they do. So here's hoping for the best!

Also, mom and I have been working on our registries since Renee is trying to get everything started for the baby shower that they want to do in October. So I've been hunting around, and talking with mom's to find out what are the things that I'll actually need verses just things that we want, and I think I've got a pretty good list going. I think it's just about done, but I figure I'll wait to post them until we know gender just in case there's anything gender specific we want to throw in there. :)

And finally, because several folks on Facebook kept asking for a pic of the baby bump so far, here it is.

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