Friday, May 6, 2011

One Crafty Hat, Coming Up...

Today was a really nice day. David and I got up, and and I was going to head to Marj's after David headed to work at 2:30pm, but he decided he wanted to go over and check up with her anyway, so we went over early at around 1:30pm so he could talk and whatnot for a little while before having to go to work. While we were there, Marj helped me figure out a pattern that I found for an infant Elf Hat, and I'm so excited at how it turned out! Crocheting is so much fun! 

Afterwards, his parents took me out for dinner and ice cream. :) (Thanks Bruce & Marj!) It was nice to just get out of the house, to get doing something crafty again, and to spend some time with them because with the way the past few months have been, there hasn't been much time available for that. But with David trying to go into the Navy and whatnot, we need to get in whatever time we can, while we can. I'm just thankful to have someone like Marj to teach me to do these types of things because I never had a grandmother or aunt that could really teach me, and I've always wanted to learn. 

I picked up some more yarn this evening because I was excited, and now that I've made a little girl one (since I already had pink anyway) so that I can make a baby blue and chocolate one for a little boy! Then after that, hopefully I can have her show me how to make the owl hats, which I absolutely love to death!! 

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  1. I still want one of these: !