Friday, March 18, 2011

Life Update:

So it looks like we're about two weeks from officially moving. We dropped off a few pieces for Marj's garage sale today, and my parents' are taking a few pieces for themselves, as well as holding onto a few pieces for us. The house is already starting to look a little more empty. We were able to get the bathroom window ordered, so that's good, and we got the wood to put up a ceiling in the side room, as well as fix the closet. Turns out that the ceiling in the living room is now molding from when it had flooded, so we've got to spray some bleach in there to kill it, and repaint the ceiling, and then we're ready to move in. :) It'll be a relief to finally be done with it, and hopefully it won't be too much longer until we're starting fresh somewhere else. Our court date is this coming Wednesday, so thankfully that will be over with, and then approximately another month (from what we understand) and then David will be able to sign up for the Navy.

We've been talking a bit, and it sounds like what he'd like to do is something having to do with medical, but we will see how it goes. We learned from my cousin that when you sign up, (could be after boot, not positive), they have you fill out a paper that has your top three preferences for bases, and that they try to locate you at one of those pending availability for the job that you want. I've been looking around at the different locations, and I think that my personal top two favs are Norfolk, VA and Atlanta, GA. I'd love Pensacola or Jacksonville just to be closer to my family, but ultimately as far as living, I think I'd be much happier at the other two locations, plus it'd give my family and his an excuse to travel. :) But we'll see. Nothing is set in stone by any means, and it's never guaranteed that you'd get your choice location anyway. So here's to keeping our fingers crossed and hoping this all goes well. :)

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