Monday, May 31, 2010

Beautiful Day:

So today was a beautiful day. We got up early, David, Douglas and Nick went to the range. I washed my car, and skipped on the beach after it poured on me. Then went to the grocery store with my parents. Went to David's parents' for lunch, and played horseshoes and croquet! I actually did pretty well and did my victory dance. lol. I did however step on a bougainvillea thorn, and it had felt fine until we got to my parents', where it then swelled up, stiffened, and made every muscle in my foot ache tremendously. Stupid poison. So now my foot will be mostly out of commission for the next week. :( Or at least, that's what happened when I got it stuck in my knee. Dinner at my family's was good. Now I'm sleepy. I'll probably catch a show or two, take a shower and head to bed. Then tomorrow we're picking up our mower from the shop, and maybe one from Meredith and Mike. Not sure what else the day will hold. Considering making a trip to Aldi for produce, but we'll see.

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