Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well, I've been working hard on getting the last bit of schoolwork done. I've been working on this stupid paper which is taking up the majority of my time now. That is due on Tuesday as well as a power point presentation of the paper as well. Then Wednesday I have two quizzes, and tomorrow I have a discussion due, which I've been working on, and am finally almost done with it. Thank God. I am so over all of this and I cannot express how happy I will be when it's done and I have like two weeks of break before starting my final semester. So far I've felt like this semester was my hardest because I took three classes instead of two, and because the one class is just awful, but I'm definitely thinking that this coming semester will be the worst even though it is just two classes. I am both anxious and terrified. I keep stressing out which is not helping my sleeping habits or eating for that matter. But now I'm going to go and get back to the discussion, and try and get it turned in tonight instead of tomorrow.

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