Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Trying to get some stuff done around the house. We've finally started to try and put up some of the crown molding in the bedroom, got the master bath fixed and running good (thanks Bruce!), and I've been working on the kitchen some more. Trying to finish getting it painted and ready to go. :) Completed my two pot holders which was really exciting, and just started on a cross-stitch. Excited about starting on a scarf, and then once that's completed, hoping to start on an afghan. :) Been doing a LOT of school work. Tons and tons of reading, discussions, web chats, quizzes, etc. I'm doing really good though. Straight 100's on everything in all three classes so far, which is very exciting. Still waiting to hear back from the BCC job, but hopefully will hear something soon either way. Been reading my daily scripture, but got two or three days behind due to all the reading for school, but am in the process of trying to get caught up. Tomorrow David is going out on a ride along, and I'll be heading to Orlando to visit a friend of mine for lunch, and she is buying a piece of my jewelry in order to help with the AIDS walk in April. Which, for those interested in donating, there's still time! But yeah, been spending lots of time with my family, and just working hard to get through this semester. I keep praying each day that once this is over I will finally get a decent paying job that I don't have to sacrifice myself for.

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