Friday, December 25, 2009

A Beautiful Christmas:

I had a great Christmas! I'm ridiculously tired, but happy. It started at 8:30am this morning and went to my parents' house to do presents there. I got a beautiful like 2.5 ft. standing jewelry box that is cherry wood colored, two gift cards to Lowe's, and beads. Then we went to lunch at David's parents' and got to see the kids again and Uncle Larry and Uncle Bob and Aunt Bearigette (sorry, I'm sure I butchered it.) came. We got some money, a Sonic giftcard, another Lowe's giftcard, a Target giftcard, some kitcheny things, the softest sweatshirt you've ever felt, some candy, David got a shirt and some shorts, and an edger. Then off to my grandma's where I got this pretty gold and jade necklace/ring set, some earrings, a digital meat thermometer, some eggs cooker things, two giftcards for Michaels, and David got an electric flying helicopter, which is pretty neat and it lights up. Then delicious dinner and then to my parents' where we played some mario, ate dessert, and Naner and I watched the majority of 'Julie & Julia' before deciding to call it quits and heading home for the night. It was a great day. Thanks to all of you who helped to make it such a great one!