Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Slap in the face:

So when I was at the Sheriff's office last Tuesday I specifically asked the woman if there were other people still competing for the job. She specifically said in front of both David and I that I was their first choice, that there were no others, and that the job was mine once I passed the background and polygraph. Given that I have absolutely nothing in my background, it should've been a breeze. I get a call on the way to work Monday saying that they have to cancel my polygraph (that was scheduled for 4:30pm yesterday) and that they decided to give the position to another candidate, and that it wasn't a problem with me, just someone else completely background first. That's funny, since she said there wasn't anyone else. Talk about a huge slap in the face. I cried the whole way to work Monday. It's complete bullshit. I'm so stressed out.

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