Monday, April 20, 2009

Almost done...

Yay! So I turned in my final research paper lastnight. I've got a discussion posting to do today, and then I've got a final for Sex Crimes on Friday, and I've got a final for Cybercrimes (supposedly) next Tuesday. Very close to being done with my first semester, and it feels good. I'm stressing a little bit about summer classes though, because it would appear that tuition went up even more, because this past semester it was $1200 for two class, and for summer it's $2000 for two classes, which means we've got to pull $1000 out of nowhere, so not sure how we're going to do that exactly yet. Unfortunately, I have no finanial aid or loans or anything that covers the summer. Agh. I'll have my loans come in in August, but I'm thinking the money for school is due in like two weeks. Not sure what to do. But we'll figure it out.

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