Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So we're back...

from Jacksonville and Tampa and had a great trip. It was much needed and there was a lot of excitement. There is so much to do now though. We've got so much cleaning to do in this house. Two rooms are clean, but we've got clothes everywhere from the trips, dishes need to be done (but we can't because of shortage on water because of the stupid Fay). We've been out of work the past two days due to this crap storm, but my mood has been all off with the storm. I really need to clean tho. I did however get to catch up on all my shows from the past two weeks. I've got to do an assignment for class tonight before midnight, but that won't take any time at all. I've been thinking a lot and watching stupid shows and being around pregnant people, and am really wanting to start trying sometime in the next year or so. We'll see. We've just gotta get everything under control first. We're on a good path though. We're 23 years old, own our own house, a beautiful 3/2/2 on .38 acres in Sherwood Estates. We have two dogs, 5 vehicles, full-time jobs, and are finally college graduates with our BS degrees, which should arrive in the mail any day now. :) I'm starting modeling again, which should bring in a little bit more money. I'm just so excited even thinking about starting a family, and thinking about Christmas coming up and just what that would be like in the future. Agh. Just so much going through my head recently.

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