Wednesday, February 8, 2023

July 2021:

We had some friends move in with us for a little while, which meant we got to do school together! We did nature studies,


played educational games,

and took fieldtrips like to the Georgia Aquarium!

I attended more pole classes!

The garden started taking off!

We visited with Grandmommy and Granddaddy.

The girls got more involved with helping with their meals.

We spent lots of time outside playing!

The chickens started laying all the eggs!

We did a visit to Six Flags!

I filmed a few days of Marvel's She Hulk!

We visited some playgrounds!

The girls took an art class.

We had a day date to Starbucks. :)

We worked on our homestead.

We made dandelion tea and a dandelion salve.

We foraged our woods for chanterelles and cooked them up to eat. :)

We harvested figs, as well as flowers and herbs to dehydrate for medicines. :)

David made us a shelving unit to put in the unused window space in the kitchen.

We made bread!

Rosalie finished out her summer gymnastics classes.

David and the kids took a short trip thru north Georgia and South Carolina while I worked on set.